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For those who have been searching far and wide in Werribee and Hoppers Crossing for efficient and reliable skip bin hire services, Concorde Skip Bins is not to be missed. With the years of experience and knowledge within this changing industry, we are happy to supply commercial and residential waste removal services to a growing number of respected clients.

Some of the products which we offer include skips of numerous sizes, roll-on and roll-off containers, and much more. We are able to provide our clients affordable rubbish removal services which are always based upon the requirements of the customer.

Concorde Skip Bins has grown to become one of the leading industrial and commercial removalists in Werribee and Hoppers Crossing. The company has developed at a brisk pace due to our customer focused service. We have enhanced a large database of customers due to our sustainable and reliable service ensuring all of the customer needs are adhered to.

Our skip bins come in distinct sizes starting at 2m3 up to 8m3 and multiple bins hire thereafter. Most sizes come with a walk-in bin option. All skips bin hire durations is organized prior to delivery, the standard duration of each bin hire is for 3 days and the bin is picked up the day after. Our fleet of trucks makes deliveries around the clock at a convenient time for you.

We strive to be professional in all aspects of our business, whether we are providing our services to construction companies, households or trade clients!

Waste Types

Green waster is biodegradable waste. Green waste can include:

  • grass cuttings
  • flower & flower cuttings
  • hedge trimmings
  • food waste no packaging or food containers.
  • leaves
  • prunings
  • branches
  • weeds must be clean of any excess soil or dirt
  • plants that are not in pots and have been cleaned of excess soil & dirt.

General Household Waste suitable for landfill. General household waster includes:

  • nappies and sanitary products (bagged for health reasons)
  • soft plastics such as chip packets
  • food scraps or expired food
  • non-reusable clothes, linen and shoes
  • small household batteries
  • boxes and polystyrene packaging
  • broken/unwanted ceramics, light bulbs, mirrored glass or drinking glasses
  • kitty litter
  • recyclable, biodegradable or reusable bags
  • broken/unrepairable toys
  • non-reusable pens, pencils, rubber bands, pencil sharpeners (and other stationery items).

Building Site Waste excluding any toxic or hazardous chemicals. Building waste examples:

  • insulation
  • nails & other building materials
  • electrical wiring
  • rebar (short for reinforcing bar)
  • tree stumps
  • building rubble
  • bricks
  • concrete
  • plasterboard
  • wood either damaged or unused off cuts
  • carpet

Recyclable Waste Suitable for recycling plants. Example of recyclable waste:

  • glass
  • paper such as newspapers, paper shredding, paper offcuts, etc.
  • metal such as steel, aluminium, copper and brass.
  • plastic bottles, packaging, moulded plastics etc.
  • textiles
  • electronics
  • car batteries – always place car batteries on top of the bin

Bin Sizes

The best approach to estimate it is by utilizing the rough guide below. Estimating is not simple and we have prepared this little guide to help you decide.

We always consider going one size bigger if you are not certain for 2 reasons:

  • We usually find more to offload than originally thought when we begin a clean-up of any form, the extra space in a bigger bin can always get utilized.
  • Most people underestimate the amount they can dispose of from their place. On a daily basis, we have clients contact us after they have loaded their bin and say, “Can you bring me another one, I have filled this one already.”

Skip bin sizes are always conveyed in cubic meters. The table below represents approximate equivalences of cubic meters to the well-recognized sizes of a wheelie bin and a box trailer.


2 Cubic Meters 2 Std Trailers 8 Wheelie Bins
3 Cubic Meters 3 Std Trailers 12 Wheelie Bins
4 Cubic Meters 4 Std Trailers 16 Wheelie Bins
6 Cubic Meters 6 Std Trailers 24 Wheelie Bins
8 Cubic Meters 8 Std Trailers 32 Wheelie Bins


Are you looking for a fast and reliable waste removal service in Geelong? Concorde Skip Bins is your rubbish removal expert in Geelong and surrounding suburbs. We provide a large variety of Skip Bins, which can be useful for the waste removal of your residential, commercial and industrial premises. With us you can be sure to find the perfect size bins that fit all your requirements.

We are amongst the prominent companies that care about you, the environment and providing best possible Rubbish Removal service around Geelong. For disposing green stuff, household waste, office and commercial rubbish, we are the best suitable option to remove any waste from your location. With us you are able to find a huge variety of skips in several sizes and types of bins available for hire with us. Our range of skip bins are made by utilizing high quality steel so they are durable and have excellent strength.

At Concorde Skip Bins we will assist you by helping you to decide the size of bins as per your waste removal requirements. We also provide you the information about the usage of the skip bins. We offer our skip bin hire services 7 days a week and we are very flexible when it comes last minute adjustments if you need the skip bin a little longer. Thus, we provide efficient, trustworthy and reliable waste management solutions at the most affordable prices within the market. So don’t hesitate and contact us today to make an order for our Skip Bin.

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